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Tiffany  Smith

Tiffany has been offering supplemental benefit options to clients since 1997. Tiffany loves working with business owners to create a competitive enhanced benefit package to compliment and support their existing benefits or introduce brand new benefit offerings. She uses her years of experience to provide solutions that help businesses attract and retain top talent employees at no cost to the business. Her real passion comes alive with the employees or individuals. Weather it is educating them and making it easy to understand, help in choosing the right protection for the employee and their families, or helping in their time of need. 

The satisfaction of supporting someone with financial protection when they get a diagnosis or have an accident is exactly why I get up every day and strive to help educate employees. I care about my policyholders and aid with filing thousands of claims ever year. Almost everyone experiences a need of the benefits we provided at some point in their lives, and I would love the opportunity to help you find the right protection for when that need occurs!